Bariatric Exercise Form

Pre- and Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercise Program
Taking positive steps toward being physically fit can really help speed your journey to the new you.

Bariatric surgery is only part of the solution. When considering bariatric surgery, patients need to become familiar with the diet and exercise requirements that will help keep them healthy both before and after bariatric surgery.

Houston Northwest Medical Center is pleased to offer a personalized program to people considering bariatric surgery and to those who have recently undergone the surgery.

Benefits of Exercise Program in Cardiac Rehabilitation Setting
Patients will have access to valuable resources not available in a normal exercise fitness setting.  The exercise specialist conducts an initial assessment and works with you to develop a regular exercise program.

Cardiac rehabilitation provides a supervised exercise setting dedicated to your safety. The change in your status is monitored. The exercise physiologist will conduct an initial consultation and will work with you to develop good exercise habits and teach you a safe way to exercise.

The monthly cost for the exercise program is $33 (no contract or sign-up fees). The program is an out-of-pocket expense (not covered by most insurance plans). Several types of equipment are available for people who weigh up to 400 pounds.

Developing an individualized exercise and physical activity plan is one of the important steps for obesity surgery preparation. This exercise plan needs to begin well before and should be resumed as soon as possible following bariatric surgery. Even a small increase in exercise can improve an individual’s flexibility, range of motion and balance, as well as decrease the risk of injury.

For more information about this program, please call 281-440-2266.